Kelly's priorities are informed by her own personal experiences living, working and parenting in the district - and by conversations she has daily with her constituents. 
I stress the fact that I am Independent - not beholden to Republicans or Democrats - because I believe I can be a more effective representative by being open to all ideas and compromises that may benefit our communities and state. 


Kelly has been a longtime champion for diverse educational opportunities and the preservation of School Choice for communities that want it.

Rural Economic Development 

Kelly supports increased investment in communications infrastructure, especially strengthening cell coverage in rural areas. In addition, she is a champion for access to high-quality childcare and pre-K services which are an integral part of our rural communities' fabric.

Substance Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Recovery Initiatives

Kelly supports the identification of creative solutions to address the effects of addiction on individuals and our communities and restore vitality to the many lives and families that have been impacted by addiction. 

Constituent Service

Kelly assists people daily with their concerns and challenges. She enjoys being a conduit to state government offices, services and resources.

Committee Work

In addition to advocating for the above priorities, Kelly has been a member of the House Human Services Committee since 2017, whose work over past legislative sessions has covered a broad range of topics, including poverty, food and housing insecurity, older Vermonters aging well, and access to women's reproductive health services.